10 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Psychic Abilities

10 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Psychic Abilities

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Could you have latent psychic abilities?

“It was just a coincidence” is a phrase many people use when they have a moment of psychic tendencies. What is a psychic tendency? It is when your intuition is very strong and accurate. For example, when you think of a person and then they call you a minute later. Or when you wake up before your alarm clock sounds off. These are psychic tendencies not coincidences.

Psychic Abilities Remain Untapped

Unfortunately, people ignore all of these incidents and chalk it up to coincidence, because we, as a society, are conditioned to always think of an alternative answer. Stop letting the left brain when and accept your right brain intuition. Everyone is born with psychic abilities. Your psychic abilities are not gone. They are just dormant.
Psychic potential can still be developed and honed. All you need is a little training and skill to activate your psychic abilities. Activating your psychic potential is about your spiritual and personal growth. It is a fantastic journey of discovery of you, yourself and the world around you. Your soul will guide you in order to elevate you to a higher version of yourself. Have faith that a higher power or The Collective Mind will lead you in this new world of psychic abilities. Use your gifts wisely.

10 Different Ways to Bring Out your Psychic Abilities

1. Mediation

Any meditation will work just as long as it is done on a regular basis. Psychic ability is about attuning to the spirit. A regular mediation time will allow you to gain a sense of wanting to achieve a higher sense of self. Joining the subconscious spiritual mind with the conscious mind will change your attitude about life. Start mediating by doing 15-minute sessions and then progress to longer sessions. Begin with a focus point to train your eyes on to keep your mind from wandering. Open eyed mediation such as watching trees sway is good for beginners.

2. Relax and Slow Down

A relaxed state of mind and body is key to tapping into your potential. Your normal conscious state is too fast for your psychic potential to be used. You will have to slow your wave frequency down from 14-20 cycles per minute to 7-14 cycles per minute. Get in the habit to slow down throughout the day.

3. Notice and Be Aware

When we slow down and observe life, we are more attuned to our surroundings and expand our awareness. You have to notice and be aware of all the information coming from our mind, body and emotions. This trinity is proves that everything in the world is connected, and there is no such thing as a “coincidence.” The next time you have a coincidence moment closely examine all the factors.

4. Imagine

Imagination can provide a solution to an unsolvable problem. When we are children our imaginations are strong. As we grow older, we loose our ability to fully fantasize. You need to adapt that childlike imagination again and teach yourself how to visualize the smallest details. For exercise, pick an object in front of you to focus on, and make note of every detail. Then close your eyes. Can you still see it? Are their any differences? If there are, keep trying until the two images look the same. A developed imagination equals a more psychic you.

5. Listen

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Meditation is just one way to awaken your psychic abilities

Take a few moments in the day, quiet your mind, and join in the stillness. Slow down and listen to your surroundings. when you are busy, you are blocking information from reaching you. Listen to your breathing, to the sounds of nature and to what is happening in the moment.

6. Keep A Journal

Once your psychic potential is activated, your dreams will become more vivid. Become aware of these dreams and keep a log of them in a journal by your bed. Dreams are your subconscious reaching out to you. Look for symbols within your dreams, because they can provide answers involving your daily life and future events. Also, write down the things you have observed during your mediation and your moments of stillness.

7. Practice

As mentioned earlier, this is a skill, and practice does make your psychic abilities more perfected. You have to be very disciplined. Try to be your own caller ID. Try to determine who is on the phone before you answer it. Predict what will come in the mailbox. In the morning, try to predict who you will interact with during the day. Let the faces come naturally. Do not over think this. You can do this during your mediation.

8. Use Psychic Skill Tests

This is a form of practice. There are websites that offer ESP testing. You will have to guess the upcoming photo by picking a photo from a choice of different photos.  Guess certain numbers and all sorts of other things.  They can be very revealing when it comes to latent psychic abilities.

9. Psychic Abilities Classes

You can do this from the comfort of your home. Many psychic classes are online. They are taught by people who have experience using their psychic abilities. They can be helpful in guiding you on your journey of discovery. You can ask them questions, learn more tips to improve your skills, and you will have a new ally.

10. Discover and Contact your Spirit Guides

Guides are souls we know in a previous life or deceased people from this life. Either way, they are there waiting to give you information, to answer your questions, and show you the way. Mediation is your phone to make contact. You can also use your body as their vessel by letting them respond to your questions through automatic writing. This is a faith based so you have to stay positive and keep an open mind.

Try any or all of these to enhance your inner psychic abilities or nurture the ones you already possess.  Like anything else in life, psychic abilities get better with practice.

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