How to protect yourself from Psychic Attack with Online Psychics?

How to protect yourself from Psychic Attack with Online Psychics?

how to protect yourself from psychic attack online psychics

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I’ve had a number of people, both online and offline, who have wanted help protecting vs psychic attacks using online psychics. They ask me how to protect yourself from psychic attack. While attacks of a psychic nature can come in all forms, often they may be extremely agonizing. The client who came to see me one particular time worked in a hospital along with a fellow nurse who was experienced with a black form of Voodoo magic. She was using it on patients and staff, frightening all with whom she came into contact. Inevitably, the woman ended up being discovered. The client who found me seeking help ended up being volunteered to fire this woman. Needing to remove this magick abusing person doing the psychic attack, the client’s co-workers began to offer her everything from prayers to rosary beads.

Addressing with the client how to protect yourself from psychic attack using online psychics

Looking into the situation itself and into the woman who was abusing Voodoo magic, I delved into a spiderweb of negative energy. I decided to use a historical Egyptian approach to balance the level of psychic attack. This method was really a “mirror technique”, one built to reflect the detrimental energy back at the sender – in this case, the Voodoo practioner. I sent the voodoo energy back to her. Apparently, the next day she had altered from a very aggressive and confrontational person who had refused to leave, to someone who was very frightened. She handed in her resignation and left, leaving the staff and patients in peace!  Even though she came to me directly, she could have used any of the online psychics.

Why you need to know how to protect yourself from psychic attack

how to protect yourself from psychic attack online psychicsIn the example in this article, the psychic attack was a extremely strong, yet very rare form, but nearly each day, we receive some sort of psychic attack. Most people do not realize that we are all under constant psychic attack each day to some degree. And sadly, unless you’ve done some major psychic or energy work, you might be instinctively psychically targeting others. You could summarize a psychic attack as focusing negative psychic energy to other people, or group of individuals, either purposely or instinctively. Every time a person is angry or upset at you, generally, they are directing negative opinions and feelings to you, which can take the shape of a psychic attack – whether they have been trained or not. At the same time, whenever you harbor anger or bitterness toward another individual, you can be aiming your own personal “psychic attack” at them until you educate yourself not to. This is why you need to know how to protect yourself against psychic attack.

Just about everyone has encountered people in our life who drain our energy field. When you find yourself in their company you feel fatigued and exhausted. They’re subconsciously sucking energy, therefore assaulting your auric field and capturing energy from you without your cognizant permission. Sometimes, they do not mean to; it merely signifies that they’re soaking up energy from a stronger field.  This is why you need to know how to protect yourself from psychic attack!

How do you protect yourself from psychic attack with online psychics?

how to protect yourself from psychic attack real psychics

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Many people visit me asking for the different ways to guarding themselves against psychic attack. Being aware and being accountable for your own personal thoughts and energy system is among the simplest, yet most crucial methods to begin to protect yourself. That fact that you are reading this and seeking a way to defend yourself means that you are most likely already a “sensitive”. Because you already have a heightened sensitivity to the feelings of others, your senses are much more alert than the majority of the population. Your energy will also be stronger than most. This means you must be careful because if you begin to have negative feelings for another person, you may inadvertantly be directing your stronger energy at them in your own psychic attack.  That’s why you should check with online psychics about shielding yourself.

All the ways to protect yourself and your energy field are far too many to cover here. The most crucial thing that you can remember for now, is to start to take heed to the way your energy interacts with the world surrounding you. Start to notice when along with whom you feel energized, as well as who leaves you worn out. Visit next week as I will be covering a specialized tactic on how to protect yourself from psychic attack using online psychics!

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