The Best Psychics Speak – How to Win at Roulette the Psychic Way – Part 1

The Best Psychics Speak – How to Win at Roulette the Psychic Way – Part 1

best psychics roullete online psychic readingsDisclaimer: This information is for educational use only. The author of this article and this site make no guarantees of any sort.  If you have a gambling problem, please seek help through an organization like Gamblers Anonymous.

Roulette is a great game to play for those with enhanced psychic abilities. Depending on your intuitive level and the amount you wager, you can rack up substantial winnings, in a short amount of time, on a consistent basis like the best psychics. However, there are risks to playing roulette. Nothing in life is a guarantee. But if you trust in your psychic abilities, your good with numbers, and you have some cash, roulette is a fun way to earn a little extra money based on your psychic abilities and talents. The following is a how to guide on how to consistently win and beat the roulette machine at its own game.

Best Psychics Winning Step #1 – Pick the Right Machine

First thing you want to do is scan all the open roulette machines and see how much they have paid out. The reason for this is because ultimately you are playing against a machine. And machines are fixed to allow some wins and some losses. If a machine has paid out some significant wins, the machine will then “force” losses to the next player to make up for some of the previous payouts. We will get into how to get around that issue a little later. But for right now, to maximize your chances of winning, first pick a machine that has a low payout and has had some action from previous players like the best psychics do.

Best Psychics Winning Step #2 – Look for the Pattern

Once you have picked a machine registering a low payout, look to see what numbers have recently come in on the history panel. Machines follow patterns. Note how many numbers came out in each quadrant and how often. Note how many red and black numbers came in. Note if the green 0 and 00 have recently come in. The best psychics look to see if you can formulate a pattern from those recent numbers. After you have done that just sit there for a minute and start to tune into the machine. Even though the machine is an inanimate object, we as animate beings have the ability to tune into an inanimate object and connect to its energy. The more in tune and connected you are to the machine, the higher your success rate. So sit there quietly, tune in, and see if your intuition comes to you in the form of a number or color. If a number comes to you clearly and concisely, place your bet on that number and the two numbers on either side of it on the wheel. This is a “safety bet” and will “outsmart” the machine. Often times, if you are correct about the number, but only bet that particular number, and the machine wants to “force” a loss, the machine will drop the ball on the number next to the number you bet. By betting all three numbers, you are tricking the machine and will usually win even though the machine tried to “force” a loss. If a color is coming to you clearly and concisely delve a little further and try to ascertain the winning number. The biggest payout is when you hit the correct number. Once you have the number, check to see if the number corresponds to the color that came in clearly and concisely. If it does, bet the color, the number and your safety bet. If you are correct, you will win 1 to 1 on the color and 1 to 36 on the number. Do this several times in a row and your winnings will get you significantly ahead in a short amount of time.

Best Psychics Winning Step #3 – Trust Your Inutition

best psychics roulette winning gambling psychics onlineIf your intuition is not coming in clearly and concisely or there are a lot of different messages coming through quiet your mind and ask your Divine guidance the following questions in order to minimize your losses and maximize your wins. First ask, “What color is going to come in, Black, Red or Green?” If the answer is Black or Red, the next question you ask is, “What quadrant is coming in, First, Second or Third?” Once you have ascertained the color and the quadrant, bet a $1 on each number in that color in that quadrant. The total amount of bets played is $6 and if you were correct, you will win and the payout will be $36. You will make a profit of $30 a roll. If the answer is green, split your bet on the 0 and 00.

Best Psychics Winning Step #4 – Start Small then Build Up

Start with small bets until you have gotten a sense of how your psychic impressions are coming in and if the machine is letting you win or if it is “forcing” you to lose. The way you know a machine is “forcing” you to lose is if you were pretty certain a number, color or quadrant was coming in and the roll stopped abruptly short and dropped into another number far from the number you bet. If you know the machine “forced” you to lose, immediately collect your voucher from the machine and go to another machine. The trick is to keep bouncing machines until you find one that is allowing you to win. Sometimes it is necessary to play 10 different machines in a betting session. Once you have found a machine that is letting you win, and your intuition is serving you well, and you have racked up some winnings, start betting $2 or $3 a number. You will win $72 to $2 and $108 to $3. Do that several times in a row and you can win several hundred in a mere couple minutes.

The more in tune and in sync you become with the machine, the stronger and clearer your intuition will be and you will start beating the machine at its own game. If a number came to you very strongly and clearly, but it didn’t come in on that particular roll and you are doing fairly well on that machine, then trust in yourself that the number is coming in and bet it on the next roll. Since there is no time or space in the spirit world, sometimes we get guidance a little further into the future than what we are asking for. So don’t be afraid to bet the number again. Often times it will come in on the next roll or the third roll. If it hasn’t come in by the third roll, reassess your intuition.  Numbers also have a habit of repeating themselves on the roulette machines back to back. So don’t be afraid to bet the same number that just came in if that is what your intuition is telling you.

In Part 2, we will go over the process in-depth and also talk about winning at table games.  So check back for part two and find our how the best psychics win regularly at roulette!

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