Chinese Year of the Horse

Chinese Year of the Horse

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January 31st starts the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Horse. Photo by tim ellis

On January 31st 2014 it goes from being the Year of the Snake to becoming the Chinese Year of the Horse.  For those of you not familiar with the Chinese zodiac, I’ll go into a little detail.

Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Horse

The Chinese zodiac is made of twelve animals and each of them twelve animals is then divided into elements, with each element having different characteristics. For 2014 it is the year of the Wooden Horse. The Wooden Horse is slightly weaker than the other horses – but it is a clear thinker and has the power to replace the old with the new. The Wooden horse has a dynamic yang energy it is free spirited and it is volatile. The Year of the Horse is considered to bring good luck.

Characteristics Of  Those Born to the Year of The Horse

Horses are generous, noble & graceful and they represent freedom. They sleep for just three hours a day, which they do standing up. They have larger memories & larger eyes than elephants and their ears can rotate up to 180 degrees. They can move at up to 50 mph away from danger and they can defend themselves if necessary, they also have very sensitive skin and are very comfortable in large crowds.

People Born In The Year Of The Horse

People match the year they were born, so people born during the Year of the Horse have characteristic traits of the horse, including loyalty, intelligence, enthusiasm and happiness – they are fun to be around. They are impatient and they talk too much but can be pessimistic. They can be casual spenders and their finances generally aren’t great, but they aren’t materialistic. They love noise, love to dance & love to travel – they are independent and don’t take advice from others. They fall in love easily and get their hearts broken often. They animals they are best suited with are tigers, goats or dogs. But they don’t get on well with people born during the years of the rat, rabbit or monkey.

If you were born during the Year of The Horse you will have a good 2014, you will have prosperity & look but you may also have an accident of health issues. Your career may not go well. You should take advantage of new ventures but don’t be quick to get married. 2014 would be a good year to have a baby.

PredictionsFor 2014
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Those born in the year of the horse display loyalty, intelligence, enthusiasm and happiness. Photo by pangalactic-gargleblaster-and-the-heart-of-gold

2014 will be an energetic year. The financial markets will be a surprise to some. During March there is volatility with Uranus & Mars. Stay cool & be aware. 2014 will be a great year to travel, as far away as possible – and you will develop spiritually.

The Year of the Horse will also bring conflict. The rising cost of food & oil as well as weather being extreme will bring protests. There will be more gun trouble in America but their economy will grow. In Europe there will be political and economical struggles. There will be a power shirt in Southern Europe and the Middle East. China and Asia will continue to grow but there may be natural disasters in China.

Cambridge University’s Professor Boyle believes there will be a ‘doomsday moment’ in 2014. He says that in the last 500 years a horrible event occurred in the middle of each century’s second decade. He believes the financial crisis could trigger this. The US’s dominance is a concern. He believes the only hope is for America to react well to their decline. He says that peace will only be possible if a global government is introduced.

And that’s it for the Chinese year of the horse – make sure you make it a great one!

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