Psychic Superbowl Predictions 2014

Psychic Superbowl Predictions 2014

Psychic Superbowl Predictions

Some people want me to say that the psychic superbowl prediction means the Seahawks will win! Photo by Bernzilla

As most everyone in the United States knows, this Sunday (February 2nd), is Superbowl Sunday, pitting the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks in the pentacle game of the American Football season.  And other than major tailgating and Superbowl parties, there is probably a lot of money riding on this game, so we thought we would announce our Psychic Superbowl Predictions.

Non Psychic Superbowl Predictions

If you search around the web, and especially any websites like ESPN or Sports Illustrated, you will find all sorts of players, ex-players, coaches and sports reporters giving there predictions for this weekend’s big game.  They will quote statistics and the player’s history and performance this past season but they’re not Psychic Superbowl Predictions and those of you who read my site are probably interested in Psychic Superbowl Predictions.

Psychic Superbowl Predictions

Psychic prediction 2014 Psychic Superbowl Prediction 2014  by The Brit_2

Psychic Superbowl Prediction 2014 by The Brit_2

I did a little three card tarot spread to see if I could get a prediction on who will come out ahead this Sunday – the Broncos or the Seahawks.  I won’t tell you exactly what cards came up – I know, I want to but I think it’s best to hold that back – for now.  Maybe I’ll do a follow-up Superbowl Sunday post later.

Am I keeping you in suspense enough over what the Tarot cards revealed?  All in good time.  First, let me say that the tarot cards did not directly name the winner, and didn’t directly name the score – through I think I have pieced it together.  Remember, tarot reading is part card and part interpretation.

Results Are in – And the Winner is…

I think that the Chinese Year of the Horse has a special symbolism here and I believe the cards were directing me to see that the Broncos are going to win over the Seahawks.  Of course, the card that lead me to believe that was inverted, but I don’t think that means they will lose.  I think it means they will start off from behind and then end up winning 24-21.

So, if you’re a Bronco’s fan, I’m sure you’re happy!  And that’s my Psychic Superbowl Predictions!

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