Halloween – Christian or Wiccan Origins?

Halloween – Christian or Wiccan Origins?

Halloween and Wiccans

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween – Christian or Wiccan? By: lobo235

Yes, it’s October again and that means Halloween time! Halloween is a western psychic festivity which falls on 31st October each year. This is a night when the western world pays respect to the dead and hails the spirits. It is an event which is eerie like and people dress up as supernatural characters of ghosts, witches, monsters, skeletons, devils, vampires and recite hymns and verses and light candles. There are bonfires and these revelers call upon the spirits to visit their earth abode.31st October is a day of supernatural and psychic creatures.

Halloween Today

Nowadays, people in the western countries decorate their yards as cemeteries and give the house a spooky look. This weird and eerie decoration is seen at churches also giving it a haunted look.  But is that really where Halloween’s origins came from?

British Isles and Origins

Halloween British Isles

Halloween originated in the British Isles. By: khrawlings

The British Isles gave birth to Halloween 1300 years ago. People in those times practiced a religion called “Wicca” which originally means “wise ones.” The term “witch” is derived from the word “Wicca”. The female Wiccan is known as a witch, and the male Wiccan is called a wizard.

The Wiccans worship the earth mother, the sun, the moon and the stars. They do not believe in Satan. The Wiccans meet every Friday and draw a magic circle. The moon is a sacred element of worship for the Wiccans. They chant and recite hymns and verses drawing down the moon and the 13th Friday is special for them.

Rituals and the Sabat

The ritual work and casting of the spell are done eight times every year and is called a sabat.The witches celebrate sabats in a very special way and do not believe in Satan.Halloween is the most important of all the sabats. It is believed that on that night, the veil is at its thinnest between the earth and supernatural bodies. The Wiccans believe that this acts as a platform for spirits of the departed souls to visit earth freely.

The Wiccans celebrate Halloween night with the wildest parties in the darkness of nights. Halloween is not harmless. Satan makes the people in modern times ape the witches, and all this is against the law of God. These are times when witchcraft is getting back into the folds. More and more movies are made on witchcraft and beamed on television networks.


Wicca and Today’s Culture

We live in a time when witchcraft is being revived. Movies are full of wild witchcraft, and obviously people do like adverse fun and are making Halloween a part of the culture and celebrate it in unique eerie ways each year.  Regardless of it’s origins, millions of people have turned it into a fun holiday that everyone can enjoy.  But every now and then, it’s good to know where something came from and what it’s original purpose was.

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