Are Psychics Accurate – Clairvoyant Psychic Readings & Predictions for 2013

Are Psychics Accurate – Clairvoyant Psychic Readings & Predictions for 2013

are psychics accurate clairvoyant psychic readings predictions 2013The first thing someone usually wants me to do when they find out that I’m psychic is to ask “Are Psychics Accurate?”  Then, the insist that I tell them something about themselves or tell them the future.  Anyone who knows anything about psychics or knows anything about clairvoyant psychic readings can tell you that it doesn’t work that way – sadly.  Just being psychic doesn’t grant you full, unabridged access to the future.  For one, the future is constantly shifting and changing as we change.  And just the act of looking into the future (like making predictions for 2013)and relaying it to someone changes the future in a small way – or in a large way.  They call it the butterfly effect and it’s the reason some people wonder: are psychics accurate?

Are Psychics Accurate

There are many psychics and mentalists who make predictions everyday, but they especially like to come out to make predictions for the New Year.  Some predict the future for fun, others for profit and most do it as free publicity.  At the end of the year, when their predictions are looked at – they are usually right more often than not.  Well, they are if they give good clairvoyant psychic readings.  But if they’re mostly wrong, you may wonder are psychics accurate.  No matter what the predictions for 2013 are, just remember… the future isn’t set in stone.

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings for the New Year

After being begged by my friends, I have broken with my long tradition of not making any 2013 predictions with my clairvoyant psychic readings – well, in this particular case I did more of an intuitive tarot reading for the new year.  So, stop worrying are psychics accurate – you’ll find out soon enough. Remember, the future is constantly shifting and even by writing this post, I may have already started the butterfly effect.  Also keep in mind this is an intuitive reading, so the card meanings may not be what you are used to.  So you stand forewarned.

Predictions 2013

Clairvoyant PSYCHIC Readings

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Here we go, I shuffle the cards and draw a tarot card for the fiscal cliff, since that seems to be all I hear about in the news.  And… it is… The Fool.  I sense that there will shortly be some sort of compromise by the fools in Washington.  Neither side will be happy but the tax crisis will be temporarily averted.  I also see some problems with the fiscal situation later in the year that leads to a decrease in the U.S.’s credit rating, or at least strong talk about it.  That part is not clear.  I also see more deadlock and an upset in one of the political parties.  There’s some other stuff about Washington, but I can’t make it out – I think it revolves around the upset.

Leaving The Fool on the table – or, in this case, in Washington, D.C., I draw a second card for the World Events.  We have Eight of Wands (or Staffs as they were known).  I see events in the world spiraling out of control.  I’m not sure about exactly what so I draw another card – the Seven of Swords: Deception.  I see events spiraling out of control in the Middle East.  I see a hidden agenda and an attack – I can’t tell if it’s defensive or offensive.  But I see alot of sorrow, lies and betrayal.  One regime will fall, another will fall into chaos… and another will rise up. It’s actually frightening so let’s move onto something lighter.

So we move on to Celebrities.  I draw… the Death card.  Normally, the Death card means the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another, but in this case, I see death.  Two deaths – so much for this being “lighter”.  A president or world leader will pass away this year. I feel like it’s close to home, but I’m not sure.  I don’t feel a particular sense of violence about it but I may just not be able to see it yet.  The other death will be a young star.  They will pass away before their time, seemingly of an accident.  I’m getting a strong male energy, but again… hard to tell.

2013 predictions clairvoyant psychic readings are psychics accurate

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Well, let’s look at… um… the U.S. market.  I draw  the tarot card, lay it on the table and it is… the Ace of Pentacles.  I’m getting a good feeling about housing, especially half way through the year.  I have a feeling that the housing market will start to come back but that towards the end of the year, something will happen and it will stall.  I can’t tell exactly what but it might be related to the preceding cards – possibly the Betrayal or other issues in the Middle East that come to play.

And since we’re on a roll, we’ll draw one more card – something to set the mood for the year.  The card that will influence events throughout the year and give us our compass setting.  One last card… and it is… The Two of Wands… Reversed.  It see alot of problems with people making decisions.  Conflicts and personalities bring action and decisions to a stand still.  I see inaction that leads to the sorrow above.  Very sad.

Well, there you have it.  A little vague, but let me see if I can clear things up a bit with my interpretation.

1) The Fools in Washington will manage to avert a full fledge fiscal cliff spawn dive but like a bunch of poo flinging monkeys, will argue and fight among themselves and end up punting the issues further down the road. I think another credit agency will downgrade them or at least threaten to.

2) The Syraian rebels will other throw Assad.  The Israeli’s will attack Iraq.  And Iraq will announce that it has a nuclear weapon – it won’t actually have one when they announce it, but they’ll have one shortly thereafter.

3) An ex-president or current president in the America’s (the U.S. or Latin America) will pass away.  I feel like it will be Carter or Chavez.  The younger person seems to be a sports star in my mind.  I’m seeing an accident or accidental overdose and it will be very shocking.

4) In the U.S. market, I think that housing will lead the U.S. economy into what appears to be a recovery that will flounder later in the year as some other news hits us – or hits the fan.

5) I see the U.S. Congress and President impotent in Washington to do anything meaningful.  I see a power grab by the President but then strong resistance.  I also see too little to late on the world front to prevent a catastrophe that could have been averted.

And that’s about as specific as I can get.  Sadly, a few cards on the table isn’t exactly like watching everything happen on TV.  So take it to heart, take it with a grain of salt or take it to the trash.  But those are my predictions for 2013 through my clairvoyant psychic readings – such as they are.  So, come 2014 you can look back and discover the answer to: are psychics accurate.  I’m sure you’ll hear about other psychics or mentalists making predictions 2013, but remember that you read my clairvoyant psychic readings here first so you shouldn’t be wondering are psychics accurate – you’ll know!

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