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Psychic Employment – Limited Number of Jobs Available NOW

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Currently, the online psychic industry is getting TOO MUCH traffic!  We are overwhelmed!  Hundreds of thousands of excited visitors per month are looking for readings from psychics JUST LIKE YOU, so take advantage of the enormous amount of free traffic to our website!

In this fast-paced internet age, online psychic readers can EASILY make more than the average psychiatrist – plus, they are in high demand and apperciated!

This is a REAL job opportunity for those psychics like you who want to work from home and make more than full-time pay.

There are some requirements to qualify for this specific psychic reader job:

  • You must commit to 14 hours minimum per week. We want you to be successful and this minimum requirement helps you do just that.
  • You must have a webcam, computer and high-speed internet access, preferably hard-wired
  • Some psychic reader experience is good, but not necessary



We welcome many other psychic readers as well!  We are also looking for qualified mediums, runes, crystal balls, angel readings, reiki healing, psychic healers, pet psychics, palm readers (yes because the readings are by webcam), and many more!  Just ASK us!

You can start as soon as 24-48 hours after your interview and initial account setup

NO FEES, this is a real job!

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