The Seven Laws of Free Tarot Readings On Line

The Seven Laws of Free Tarot Readings On Line & On line Free Tarot Reading

on line free tarot readingYou want to be a good Tarot Reader for Free Tarot Readings On Line.  You went out and purchased your own Tarot Deck.  You learned the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards – assuming your using a standard Tarot deck.  You might even went and learned one or more different spreads.  Undoubtedly, you’ve now done quite a few real and mock readings for yourself and perhaps you are ready to start giving Free Tarot Readings On Line to other people – perhaps family, friends… or even clients.  What other things should you consider?

Below are my Seven Laws of Tarot Reading you should follow  to get ready and then give  cheap Tarot readings for another person.  Read and follow these tips and you will find your first Free Tarot Readings On Line going MUCH easier.

Free Tarot Readings On Line First Law: Tarot Spread

Before you even meet with the client for a Free Tarot Readings On Line, make sure you decide which Tarot spread you plan to use or if you will chose to use one based on the client and their issue/question.  There are many spreads and some are specific to situations – Love and Relationships, etc. – and ones that are more general.  Also decide on how you will shuffle the cards – will you do it or will the client?  Will they just cut the cards once?  Cut them multiple times?  Or actually shuffle them?

On line Free Tarot Reading Second Law: Explain

When you meet with your “client” for the first time, be it a paying client or a friend of family member, you need to talk with them first and explain a little about how Free Tarot Readings On Line works and what they can expect.  Things to cover are:

* Ask the client specifically what they are looking for and ask them to hold that question or thought in their mind during the Tarot Reading
* Explain to your client that the Tarot will reveal the future or more information about the question or situation they are focusing on.  Let them know that the Tarot reveals what it reveals – both the positive and the negative – and that the person should be willing to accept whatever it reveals
* You should also explain that the Tarot does and reveals what it wishes – and sometimes that may be something completely unrelated to what they are asking but something that is very important

Free Tarot Readings On Line Third Law: Seek Guidance

Free Tarot Readings On Line

Free Tarot Readings On Line

Once you actually begin, remember to take the Tarot deck and hold it face down in the palm of your hands.  Seek your higher consciousness, your spirit or angel guide or whatever higher power you draw strength from.  Remember to ask for clarity in the reading, wisdom in the interpretation and gentleness in the delivery – especially if there is bad news.

On line Free Tarot Reading Fourth Law: Deal

Once you have communicated with your higher self, it is time to begin dealing cards.  Starting with the cards face down, deal Tarot cards from the top of the deck onto the table in whatever spread you have chosen to use.  There are two main ways of doing this.  One, deal them one by one, turning them face up as you deal them and interpreting them as you go.  This creates a developing story as you deal the cards in the spread.  The second common way is to deal all of the cards face down and once all cards are dealt into the spread, then begin turning them over one by one and interpreting them.  Remember: If you interpret reverse meanings of Tarot cards – and some Tarot readers don’t – remember to flip them from left to right so that you preserve the direction of the card.

Free Tarot Readings On Line Fifth Law: Meaning

As you begin interpreting the Tarot cards for an On line Free Tarot Reading, bear in mind a few things.  First, what is the meaning of the card itself.  What is the meaning of the place the card has in the spread.  How does the card’s meaning change based on the other cards.  How does the card relate to the question or issue that the client has posed?

On line Free Tarot Reading Sixth Law: Let Them Chime In

Remember that while interpreting the cards, always pause to let the client chime in.   Often times, they will have greater insight into the meaning that you put forth since they are aware of the full situation while you only get a small portion of the what is going on in their life.  There may be a context that you are unaware of, so always allow – or even encourage the person to chime in if something strikes a chord with them during the On line Free Tarot Reading.

Free Tarot Readings On Line Second Law: We’re All Human

Free Tarot Readings On Line & On line Free Tarot ReadingBe prepared for times when you may have problems interpreting the cards during an On line Free Tarot Reading.  We are all just human and like anyone else, Tarot readers can have bad days too.  In addition, if you are working through your own issues, remember that your own strong emotions may impact the reading or your ability to interpret the Tarot for your client.  Always try to leave your problems “at the door” so to speak.  Remember, always be honest in your readings.  It’s ok to be gentle, but never lie to a client to get a tip or to “protect” them from the truth or facts.  It’s not just your integrity that will suffer, but remember that the Tarot is revealing this information to the person for a reason.  It might hurt them but could be vitally important to them making the right decision.

Those are the Seven Laws of Tarot Reading.  Hopefully these seven steps will help you to give your first – or one hundredth – On line Free Tarot Reading in a new light.  I might also add here at the end that one thing I always do at the end of my Tarot readings is to re-cap the various cards that were dealt, their meanings, their meanings in the spread and their interpretations in relationship to the question or issue that client came to me about.  And then I always ask if they have any questions.

Good luck with your Tarot Readings!

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