The Best Psychics Speak – How to Win at Roulette the Psychic Way – Part 2

The Best Psychics Speak – How to Win at Roulette the Psychic Way – Part 2

best psychics tips winning at roulette

Disclaimer: This information is for educational use only. The author of this article and this site make no guarantees of any sort.  If you have a gambling problem, please seek help through an organization like Gamblers Anonymous.

As the best psychics know, this method will also work if you play roulette on the tables. The advantage of playing table roulette is that you don’t have to worry about being “forced” to lose. And if after the ball rolls and your intuition is strongly telling you something different you can quick change your bet as long as you do it before the dealer says, “no more bets.” Disadvantage to table roulette is you are playing with other players which can be a distraction to your focus and their energy and vibration can have either a positive or negative effect on you. There is also a certain time limit in order to get your bet in. You are forced to play within the dealer’s time table. There is also usually a minimum bet of at least $10, $15 or $25 a roll.

Best Psychics Tip #1 – Machines vs Tables

The advantages of playing roulette on the machines are that it is the energy of just you and the machine syncing. You can sit there and focus without the distraction of others and you can take as long as you want before you place your bet. Your minimum bet on a machine is $1. The disadvantages with a machine are once you place your bet it’s done. You cannot change your bet. And of course the machine if you start racking up the winnings will “force” you to lose. But the solution to that is as previously discussed. Do what the best psychics do, just change machines.

Best Psychics Tip #2 – You Can’t Win All the Time

best psychics tips win roulette gambling online psychicIt is not likely that you will win 100% of the time – not even the best of the best psychics do that. But if you focus and are in tune with your own intuition and the machine winning 75% of the time or better, will result in significant winnings. Try to narrow your bet to three to six numbers at a time. This will minimize your losses and maximize your wins so you can significantly get ahead.

Best Psychics Tip #3 – Learn the Tricks

Everyone likes to know a trick that will help them win.  These aren’t some special secrets that are unknown to all but the best psychics, but more common sense tricks that will help you to win more often.  Some tricks to prepare yourself physically and mentally so that you are in the best possible vibration and mindset to win at roulette are as follows:

Best Psychic Trick #1 – Physical Preparations

Physical preparations: Make sure you are well rested and alert. If you are tired, you will not be able to focus for a prolonged period of time and to beat a machine you need to focus every second. Make sure you eat something substantial so you are not wearied by pangs of hunger. Wear small earphones to drown out the music, noise and distractions of the casino so you can focus and listen for your intuition. Wear a hat so you can freely close your eyes if you need to in order to visualize the winning number without anyone noticing.

Best Psychic Trick #2 – MentalPreparations

Mental preparations: Meditate and visualize yourself winning before you go to the casino in as much detail as possible. Pray to the Divine requesting the intuition come clearly, concisely and accurately.
If you follow this guide, and you trust in your psychic abilities, your chances of winning at roulette will be better than average. Good Luck!

Note: This is only a guide and starting point for you. Not an exact science but even the best psychics have to start somewhere!

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